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Future of Work/Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reinventing Work In The
Age of AI

As generative AI continues to revolutionize the business landscape, We Are Digital is at the forefront of this transformation, driving the reinvention of work, reshaping the workforce, and preparing workers for the future. We recognize that AI's potential goes beyond efficiency and automation; it's an opportunity to redefine the very nature of work, making it more meaningful and fulfilling for individuals. We are educating America and the world that by leveraging AI, individuals and businesses quickly go from ordinary to extraordinary. The new norm is extraordinary. We are on a hyper focus mission educating businesses to build diverse, inclusive, and adaptable workforces, empowering employees with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the digital era. Our commitment to responsible AI implementation ensures that workers are not only prepared for change but also equipped to drive innovation and growth, leading to a more prosperous and equitable future for all Americans.

VR Goggles

The Problem 

With only a small percentage of organizations leading when it comes to reinvention and gen AI, there’s substantial opportunity to be among the front-runners. Our research has identified key accelerators and actions to realize gen AI’s full potential by reinventing work, reshaping the workforce and preparing workers for the future. But success in this age of gen AI relies heavily on leaders who are willing to learn.  We Are Digital approach starts with local community leaders.

“AI is an exceptional tool, that’s changing the way we work. Cultures need to shift to create environments where people and their leaders can keep adapting work, learning and changing—at a pace we aren’t used to.”

Cecil Hardy,

Mr. Locations LLC

The Solution

Our goal is to make AI helpful for everyone by improving knowledge, learning, creativity and productivity, and enabling others to grow through building and deploying AI responsibly. In the school and workplace, that means making the most of opportunities to use AI to help people work more effectively and increase their value.

The good thing doesn’t change is that work is still human centric, so that means people can bring their creativity to the table, which is such an important HUMAN not ROBOT trait!

We Are Digital is committed to empowering underserved communities by providing access to AI education and preparing them for the future of work. Our 5-point plan focuses on inclusivity, accessibility, and skill development, ensuring that everyone regardless of color or gender can thrive in the age of AI.

  1. Community Outreach: We partner with local organizations, schools, and government agencies to identify underserved communities and understand their unique needs and challenges.

  2. Tailored Curriculum: We have developed a comprehensive AI curriculum tailored to the specific needs of these communities, ensuring it is accessible, engaging, and culturally relevant.

  3. Accessible Learning Platforms: We are utilizing online and offline learning platforms to deliver our AI curriculum, making it accessible to individuals with limited internet access or digital literacy.

  4. Mentorship and Support: We will provide ongoing mentorship and support to learners, fostering a sense of community and helping them navigate the challenges of AI education and future job opportunities.

  5. Building Partnerships: We continue to collaborate with industry leaders, educational institutions, and policy makers to create pathways for graduates of our program to access job opportunities and contribute to the future of work.


Through this 5-point plan, We Are Digital aims to bridge the digital divide and create a more inclusive and equitable future for underserved communities in the rapidly evolving world of AI. We believe people are the driving force of change, enabled by the technologies such as AI—not the other way around.

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